Artist Care Package

Hi, I’m EC.

I’m not really social nor do I like small talk. In fact I’m a full-blown introvert and bit of a hermit. You don’t need to say hi, ask how I am or how my day was, and you probably won’t like the answer if you ask. I am often quite busy and prefer to get to the point.

I do like drawing fluffy forest animals though, and all my love and soul is poured into my work. I do not draw if I can’t give it my all – however there are days I can’t do it, especially if I had to be around people the day.

Unfortunately while I’m alright most days, drawing from imagination isn’t like grabbing a burger at a drivethrough. Some days it just dont work, and as a result I can’t reliably run a full schedule. At best work a few days ahead at a time.

Hence I ask for payment of my work after completion.

I am currently setting up a spreadshop so that I do not need to do so many customs to get by. That would be a much better way to support my work that constant custom commissions.

I need solitude to recharge my creative energy, that includes disconnecting from instant messages.

This helps me get into a flow state and able to work if it’s not a people day.

Which means poking me over and over makes it worse and I’ve probably closed my instant messengers and emails.

Sometimes I will stream but not be interactive in the chat for the same reason.

If you try to message me and see ‘not a people day’ I need solitude and/or working offline.
I’ve decided to put this up as given the situation it’s rather counter-productive to please-explain at the multiple ‘are you ok’ etc I get on a daily basis.
Here’s some extra stuff you can look at if you’re confused.
Thank you and please enjoy my art.