Collab Icons

Want something a little different with that nice EPAW ink? I do select collaborative artworks, available to you through ordering with the form here. Due to multiple artists working on the project I cannot guarantee same-day turnover with these, but the ink will be completed same-day with the ordering. 

Currently providing some support for coloring artists who are economically affected by Covid. I do the ink for the icons free, you pay them to color it for you.  If you want to order more than one, just specify in the description text box what youd like!

If you do digital coloring and your dayjob is economically affected by Covid, and you’d like to sign up for this project, ping me @epawart over telegram. It takes me only a few minutes to ink an icon so I am happy to help and can provide on a daily basis.

Stay safe out there fluffs.

Collab Commission Order Form
Covid Support Collab Commission
So I know what to call you
So you can get a copy of this form
Covid-Support Collab Icons
I do the ink for free, you just pay these guys to color it for you. You will be emailed their payment details.
Choose an expression for your icon for example, or just go freestyle!
How would you like me to send your art? (more options coming soon)
Permissions. EPAW may:
We will never post hires versions of your art, that's for you to decide.