Freebies for Fractals

So you want a doodle but no money, and you got some time to kill. Well that’s great, I’ll be happy to give you something to do.

Generate cool looking fractals for me in your favourite software/online generator, and you get an icon. Because my computer is a dinosaur and I’m live all the time, it doesn’t really like doing all that so, go make me some fractals and I’ll give you an icon.
I like to mix them into the backgrounds sometimes and it’s tacky to use the same one over-and-over so, help a fluffmongrel out.
They need to be at least 1980 x 1080, and 4k is even better.
It’s actually a lot of fun, especially the ones you can paint with.

To get an icon you need to send me:
50 1080p generated fractal images
or 20 4k generated fractal images
Don’t steal! You need to generate them yourself so they’re unique.

You can send me links to Imgur and such, or easiest is to just send as files over telegram, it saves to the right folder when I get them there.

Here are some toys you can play with, and you can find a bunch more with a quick google search, look for fractal generators – particularly the flame rendering ones are awesome.

Fractal Machine
IFS Fractal Generator
Make Fractals of Images
J Wildfire