In-Stream Commissions

In-Stream commissions are available daily on weekdays should the stream be live, and paid upon starting the artwork. 1-2 slots are available per day. They usually have a same day or next-day turnover on weekdays, done live on-demand.
We’ll probably add a feature later so you can submit your in-stream right onto the calendar.
Please note all other commissions are currently closed.

In-Stream Commission
So I know what to call you
So you can get a copy of this form
*1-2 characters included in base price.
A good time and date for you in case I can't do it today. You'll get a calendar appointment if our in-streams for the day are already filled or I need to end stream early.
Style *
Or choose a Freestyle option: Demonize, Tribalwild, Species Swop, Genderflip, Transform, Elemental, Swirlycults, Steampunk, Cyborg, Suprise Me (or "I eat danger for breakfast" for something new)
How would you like me to send your art? (more options coming soon)
Permissions. EPAW may:
We will never post hires versions of your art, that's for you to decide.