Reference Sheet

I create refsheets at a flatrate of $80, and encourage the purchase of one for the characters you use most. The flatrate includes a set of 4 fullbody poses and 4 headshots as the default go-to, but it’s modified to suit the character. A simple design may only need two poses and a clothed pose, with the 4 headshots for example, with a closeup of a special marking inserted. Each is tailored to suit the needs of the character.

The sheet comes as a little character starter pack, and the headshots are cropped into icons and Telegram stickers by request. A tasteful NSFW version is also included per request since it is a reference, otherwise we do not typically do NSFW artwork.

I prefer your presence in the livestream while we work on refsheets to ensure it is done to your specifications.

The 3 step sheet process:

1) New Characters/Modified Characters:
For new characters or characters that need to be modified / prepped before a refsheet is made, we offer a temporary refsheet/design session included in your sheet payment. You can find the temp sheet form from the commissions menu, if you wish to make use of the service kindly send this in before ordering your refsheet.
After the temp sheet is made, I ask you try the character for a week or so before I create a refsheet for you. If the character needs further work, we modify the temp or recreate it and repeat as needed. The full refsheets are not touched unless the character is solidified, this way I can give you a sheet that will last many years.

2) Straight-to-sheet
A 1 week turnover is typical for a refsheet in most cases as they are difficult to slot inbetween premade appointments, and I prefer your presence in the stream while I work. It may be schedule as a once-off 4 hour appointment or sectioned into 1-3 streaming sessions as time and availability allows.

3) Finalization
After the art is done, you keep it another week to ensure you are happy with the final product, at which stage we add the text, background and pretty things, the NSFW edition if requested and the icon/sticker crops.

EPAW sheets come with a 1 year minor update service, so if you need a small edit like an eye color or a tattoo added that will be done for you so your sheet stays nice and fresh. For major overhauls we recommend a new sheet, but our process tries to ensure you will not need one redone for a long time.

A form will appear soon, in the meantime you may contact me on Telegram.