Temp Refs

While these are not the finest quality, it’s always a pleasure to help a furry see their character for the first time. This is a free service for our clients who commission EPAW we provide regularly, and also a nice thing to do for the newbie fluff who hasn’t seen his character yet during the odd gap between commissions in the livestream.

Send off a temp sheet request, and I’ll draw them for you when I get a gap. I can usually do a 1 or 2 a week as either a warmup or if there’s a little time between commissions, so don’t expect a lightning turnover.
While still a 100% free service, you’re welcome to leave a Ko-Fi to say thanks if you enjoyed your doodle! 😀

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Temp Ref Request
So I can Email you
Or I can just send it to you on Telegram
You can write here! Include any links to art and references that would be of assistance.
EC is awesome *