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Stickers with $15 shading upgrade
Hey, I killed the stream early since Doomsy's been locking up when I stream lately. We did manage to finance parts for the new machine (Intrepid) which will replace Doomsday, and they will arrive next week. Until then, I will be working offline to keep the stress off the CPU since she's fairly okay until I try to run the streaming software
I'd still like to replace the power supply unit, which we can for now recycle out of Doomsy, and ideally try to finance a new GPU since the GTX 750 Ti is fairly old and worn as well. We could use a few more sticker pack jobs, or you can choose to upgrade the ones you have with the nice new shading option.
Still need to do the PSU and GPU! We're gonna recycle the Geforce and power from Doomsy for now. Sticker jobs are the best, let me know if you want a pack or two!
Also, I've been foaming at the mouth to play Stray since Doomsy can't run it. I might poof a night or two
Intrepid is up and running. Today I will install all the software and goodies needed. I tried Stray last night after we got all the drivers on and moved some of my files around. This thing is scary fast if you're used to a first gen i3